Yamaha YOB431 Intermediate Oboe


The Yamaha YOB-431 Intermediate Oboe is an example of the great care Yamaha take in making instruments. The Yamaha Intermediate Oboe is made with a high level of hand-crafting, with a design based on the Custom models. Featuring a surprisingly accurate intonation and responsive design, the Yamaha YOB-431 Oboe is comfortable and has tone characteristics that feature a rich spectrum of colours for fantastic musical expression. The keys of the YOB-431 Oboe have been designed for ergonomic comfort as well as a balanced playability.

The Yamaha YOB-431 Intermediate Oboe features include:

  • System: Simplified Conservatoire (semi-automatic octave system)
  • Ergonomic key design is based upon the Custom series
  • Hinge rods rather than pivot screws on the low C and C# keys
  • European style bore
  • 3rd octave key, Left-hand F key, Fork F resonance key
  • C#-D#, F#-G#, Ab-Bb, A#-B, B-C#, Left C-D, Right C-D trill keys
  • Cork and leather pads
  • Grenadilla body with silver plated keys
Made by Yamaha
Level: Intermediate
Type: Oboe

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