Bach Artisan Bb Trumpet

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The Bach Artisan Trumpet carries on the Bach legacy of master crafting. The Artisan Collection is skilfully handcrafted with a blend of classic design, stunning styling, and the signature Bach sound. Discover the Artisan within with the Bach Artisan collection.

The Artisan AB190S Bb trumpet offers the look, feel and signature Bach sound of vintage Vincent Bach designs as well as:

  • .459" bore
  • 4-13/16" diameter one-piece hand-hammered bell with flat rim
  • Special acoustic bell treatment
  • Enhanced radius ferrules
  • Monel pistons
  • 2 sets of valve guides - brass/plastic
  • 1st slide split ring, extended low F 3rd slide rod stop
  • Deluxe engraving, silver-plate finish
  • C190DBL deluxe double case
Made by Bach
Level: Professional
Type: Bb

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