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Shopping Terms and Conditions

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By using this website you agree to the Shopping Terms and Conditions below, as well as to the Terms of Use and Privacy policies.

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All prices on this website are in Australian dollars. We do not accept other forms of currency. If you are shopping from overseas, the Paypal Express gateway will automaticall convert your currency to Australian dollars.
All prices include GST (the Australian Goods and Services Tax).

Price changes
2023 saw major price increases across our entire product range and costs have continued to increase. As a result we have been forced to increase prices on most items we carry. However we have endeavoured to keep these increases to a minimum if at all possible. Due to the extensive range of products that require updating we may at any time display some prices that are inaccurate - please see Errors and omissions below.

Errors and omissions
Whilst every effort is made to keep our website up to date and displaying the correct information, Sax and Woodwind and this website is not responsible for typographical errors in pricing, product images, product descriptions, or product specification inaccuracies due to human error or otherwise. Please see our Disclaimer below.

Prices are subject to change without notice. The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) is the price recommended by our suppliers and is subject to change. Sax & Woodwind...and Brass often sells products at less than the RRP. Other retailers may or may not sell at the RRP. The RRP of an item may or may not be the price that Sax & Woodwind normally sells at.

Product Availability
We do not guarantee that all items on our web site are in stock all the time. We may sell out, or the supplier may have no stock, or the item may be a special order. You will be notified if there will be a delay in processing your order. Please ask for a full refund if you have already paid and the delivery time frame is not acceptable.

Special orders
Anything we do not carry as part of our normal stock holding is called a special order. For these we require full payment up front and returns are not permitted unless the item is faulty. This is because we would not have purchased the item from the supplier without the request of the customer. We reserve the right to refuse special orders.

Changes to the Terms
Sax & Woodwind...and Brass reserves the right to amend, modify, add to, delete or make any corrections to any part of the website at any time without notice. 

In addition to these terms and conditions, we also have terms and privacy statements regarding the use of the website. Please view the links below in the Related Links section for these.

Sax & Woodwind...and Brass is not responsible for typographical errors in pricing, product images, or product specification inaccuracies on our website. Products priced incorrectly either in store or online due to human error may be withdrawn from sale. Prices are subject to change without notice. The recommended retail prices (RRP) are provided to us by our suppliers and are for information only. This price may not have been charged by Sax & Woodwind in the past, and may not necessarily be charged in the future.

Sax & Woodwind reserves the right to refuse to process orders that do not contain genuine contact information.




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