Bach Stradivaius 42BOF Bb/F Trombone


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The year 2018 represents a milestone in the history of Vincent Bach. Having started his business in 1918, master craftsman Vincent Bach created a legacy with the introduction of the first Bach trumpets in 1924 and the addition of trombones to the Vincent Bach line around 1928. To celebrate a legacy lasting 100 years, Conn-Selmer and Vincent Bach proudly present the new 42BOF commemorative trombone. Also available as the LT42BOFG.

  • A traditional 42 bell, with the ultimate in tonal response and ability to change the color of sound
  • “Bell-free bracing” allows the bell to vibrate freely, creating a quicker response with more clarity and projection
  • European designed “Open-Flow” valve, creating an ease of playability in the low register, while maintaining a great high range as well
  • Case has a wine-colored nest and a special case badge commemorating the 100th year of Vincent Bach’s business. It’s also Vincent’s 90th year of trombone manufacturing
  • Yellow brass bell
  • European designed, open-flow rotary valve
  • .547" bore
  • Traditional 42 slide mouthpipe
  • Genuine Vincent Bach model 3416HA mouthpiece
  • Deluxe Centennial model wood shell case

Jay Friedman, principal trombonist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, was involved with the design of this trombone. The new signature Jay Friedman model is available to order as a “42CUSTOM” with the following options:

  • Lightweight gold brass bell
  • Lightweight 50 slide, lightweight or standard 42 slide

Also available to order as a "42CUSTOM" with any of the following options:

  • Interchangeable leadpipes
  • Yellow standard, lightweight or heavyweight bell
  • Gold standard or lightweight bell
  • Standard handslide or lightweight nickel handslide
  • Dual bore handslide
  • .562" bass bore handslide or lightweight nickel handslide


Made by Bach
Level: Professional
Type: Bb/F

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