Bam Hightech Bass Clarinet Case with Classic Double Clarinet Case


Carry 3 clarinets at once with the Bam Hightech Bass Clarinet Case! French made and gorgeous, the Bam Case is the practical lightweight case you're looking for. The Bam Hightech Case takes a bass clarinet to low C, and has an extra removable double clarinet case that you fasten to the outside. You'll find this case easy to transport with shoulder straps and a memory foam back cushion.

The Bam Hightech Bass Clarinet Case has a triple-ply shell made of high performance ABS and Airex foam materials. The inside of the Bam Case is made of high density polyurethane foam that will protect your clarinets against thermal shocks. The foam is then bonded with a non-fluffing soft fabric to keep your instruments free of scratches.

Made by Bam Cases
Type: Bass

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