Besson Prestige 4 Valve Euphonium


The Besson Prestige 4 Valve Euphonium is the ultimate euphonium in the brass world with top quality features and strikingly good looks. Making use of new valve technology, you'll be able to tell the difference with the superbly smooth and rapid action while you play. You can enjoy control over all aspects of tuning with the famous trigger feature as standard.

The famous Besson tuning slide trigger has a new protective shield and snap-on ball quick release system, as well as a longer tuning slide for increased flexibility of pitch range and trigger use; classic leadpipe with single fixing stud; and stay for the classic sound and resonance. 

The Besson Prestige 4 Valve Euphonium features include:

  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: .59" (15mm)
  • Bell diameter: 12" (304mm)
  • Weight: 4.7kg
  • Valves: 4 bottom sprung stainless steel
  • Compensating system
  • Water keys: 3
  • Finger rings: 2
  • Tuning slide trigger with snap-on ball quick release system
  • Patented spring damper set
  • Nylon valve guides
  • Finishes: Lacquer or Silver Plated
  • Supplied outfit, in case with Alliance mouthpiece in leather case and accessories
  • The BE2052 is the same model as BE2051 with a larger bell diameter (12"). Silver is also available, please contact us for detail
Made by Besson
Level: Professional
Type: Euphonium

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