Besson Prestige Eb Alto/Tenor Horn

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The Besson BE-2050 Prestige Eb Alto/Tenor Horn has been designed to meet the demands of the modern day player, with all the qualities of the BE950 and much more. Enjoy the market leader in alto/tenor horn design with the Prestige 2050 Horn.

The updated version of the Besson Prestige Eb Horn has the addition of the main tuning slide trigger, as well as modifications to the lead pipe and ergonomics of the trigger position. The luxuriant tone of the Besson Horn will help blend both sides of the brass band together.

The Besson Prestige Horn has an array of tonal possibilities, without ever having to sacrifice tonal beauty and elegance. It also has a gold trimming finish, making it look as good as it sounds.

The Besson Prestige Eb Alto/Tenor Horn features include:


  • Key: Eb
  • Bore: 466" ( 11,84 mm )
  • Bell: gold brass
  • Bell size: 8" ( 203 mm )
  • Weight: 4lb 10oz ( 2 100 g )
  • Valves: 3 monel valves with a top sprung action
  • Water keys: 3
  • Main tuning slide trigger: left hand middle finger action
  • Finish: Silver Plated or Lacquer
  • Gold-plated finger buttons, caps and waterkeys
  • Lyre holder
  • Black cordura case with external pocket


Made by Besson
Level: Professional
Type: Alto/Tenor Horn

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