Besson Sovereign BBb Tuba

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The Besson Sovereign BBb 4 valve compensated Tuba is considered the fundamental base of each brass band. This large size Besson Tuba is well-known for the "sound wall" it creates, which the whole orchestra can build on.

The Besson BE-994 BBb Tuba has a 483mm-19" inch diameter bell, putting you completely in touch with this instrument's superb sound. You can rely on Besson instruments to deliver an unequaled quality and performance. The BE-994 Tuba demonstrates perfect intonation throughout the registers and provides an immense dynamic range and powerful low register.

The Besson Sovereign BBb Tuba features include:

  • Key: BBb
  • Bore: .730" (18.54mm)
  • Bell diameter: 19" (483mm)
  • Weight: 11.8kg (26lb 8oz)
  • Valves: 4 bottom sprung stainless steel
  • Compensating system
  • Water keys: 4
  • Two carriage rings
  • Finishe: Silver Plated
  • Complete outfit, in case with Alliance mouthpiece in leather case and accessories
Made by Besson
Level: Professional
Type: Tuba

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