Besson Sovereign BE-982 Concert Model EEb Tuba

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The Besson Sovereign BE-982 Concert Model EEb Tuba is one of the most famous designs in tuba development history. The Besson Sovereign Tuba produces a wider symphonic tone and has carriage rings and a slightly smaller tapered leadpipe than the 981. 

The Besson Sovereign BE-982 EEb Tuba features inlcude:

  • EEb
  • Bore :.681 / 17,30 mm
  • Bell :Yellow brass 17" or 19" / 431 mm ou 483 mm
  • Valves :4 compensating valves (3+1) in stainless steel
  • Waterkeys :4
  • Weight :20lb 8oz / 9300g
  • Outfit :Shaped ABS case with wheels and two handles, Alliance mouthpiece, micro-fiber cloth, valve oil
  • Finish :silver plated
Made by Besson
Level: Professional
Type: Tuba

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