Buffet Crampon E13 Clarinet B Flat


Comes with a professional wood-framed case.

The Buffet Crampon E13 Bb Clarinet is a top quality professional clarinet at an intermediate price. The Buffet E13 Clarinet has a bore with a high position so that the resistance is lowered, giving a more free-blowing and effortless playing experience. In fact, the bore is so close to a professional instrument bore that it's practically indistinguishable.

The Buffet Crampon E13 Clarinet features include:

  • Selected grenadilla wood: finest and most balanced sound projection
  • Silver plated keys: long lasting finish. Comfortable to the touch
  • Ergonomic key design: improved playing comfort like that of a professional
  • Adjustable thumb rest: adjustable for optimum comfort
  • Undercut tone holes: improves tone and ease of response
  • High quality pads and cleanly processed tone hole surfaces: excellent air tightness and easy response
  • Clarinet clamps: better protection during transport and better sealing of the toneholes
  • Buffet leather case, pull through, cork grease, mouthpiece and ligature included
Made by Buffet Crampon
Level: Intermediate
Type: Bb

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