Buffet Crampon Legende Professional Bb Clarinet

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A completely new model brought to you by Buffet Crampon! A combination of age-old know how and modern technology has brought an instrument with amazingly accurate pitch, the new Légende. A new bore concept gives remarkable control over dynamics from the brightest to the soft and mellow colours giving you complete freedom of expression. Gold touches highlight the difference.

  • Metal-capped tenons, for an enduring union between upper and lower joints
  • GreenLinE tone hole slots, ensuring an air-tight closure and flawless sound while eliminating the risk of cracking
  • A low F correction key to enhance the sound in this characteristic scale
  • Ergonomic rings for a more comfortable and intuitive feel (Légende exclusively)
  • Natural wood, specially selected and honed for a perfect resonance


Made by Buffet Crampon
Level: Professional
Type: Bb

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