Buffet Crampon Prestige Basset Horn

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The Buffet Crampon Prestige Basset Horn is an unique instrument with a balanced and luminous sound. The modern basset horn is designed with all of the perfected elements of the Boehm system developed by Buffet Crampon, enabling clarinetists to play the concertos and quintets conceived by Mozart.

The Buffet Crampon Prestige Basset Horn features include:

  • Key: F
  • Body Material: unstained grenadilla wood with Buffet Crampon Prestige finish
  • Key Material: silver-plate
  • Key System: Boehm / 19 key
  • Special Keys: high Bb and Eb/Ab lever
  • Tone Holes: undercut
  • Necks: 2 necks at different lengths Bore Size: .677" (17.2mm)
  • Includes: case, mouthpiece, ligature, cap, and care products
  • Crafted In: France
  • To low C
Made by Buffet Crampon
Level: Professional
Type: Basset Horn

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