Buffet Crampon RC Clarinet A

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Enjoy a revolutionary clarinet on a whole other level with the Buffet Crampon RC A Clarinet. The RC Clarinet has been updated with an enhancement of the overall intonation featuring a warm, centred tone, projection and an improvement in the evenness of response and intonation. Perfect for the clarinetist who is aspiring to a professional level or wanting to play a top of the line clarinet.

The Buffet Crampon RC A Clarinet features include:

  • Hand burnished bore: improved intonation and centred tone
  • Upper joint poly-cylindrical bore
  • Conical lower joint and bell: softer tone colour and easier response
  • Egg-shaped inside bell shape: greater sound emission
  • Power forged silver keywork, pre-plated in copper and finished in silver plate: high quality long lasting finish
  • Silver plated adjustable thumb rest: adjustable for optimum comfort
  • Undercut tone holes: improves tone and ease of response
Made by Buffet Crampon
Level: Professional
Type: A

  • Key :Bb
  • Pitch :440/442 Hz
  • Body :Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Stained african blackwood
  • Bore :Poly-cylindrical
  • 2 Barrels :2.55" and 2.59"
  • Bell :New model with flat bottom surface
  • Keys :17
  • Rings :6
  • Keywork finish :Silver plated
  • Thumbrest :Adjustable
  • Springs :Blue steel
  • Pads :Leather and cork (register key)
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