Buffet Crampon Tosca A Clarinet

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Fortified by its elegance and incomparable style, the Buffet Crampon Tosca A Clarinet delivers extensive experience and innovation. Endowed with rich harmony and unique sonority, the Tosca Clarinet's timbre and fullness are exceptional. The Tosca Clarinet is able to distinguish itself from other clarinets with its ease of response and flexibility, as well as a high level of comfort.

The Buffet Crampon Tosca A Clarinet features include:

  • Unstained premium quality 'M'Pingo' grenadilla wood: superb tone quality with durable and stable wood
  • Silver plated keys: high quality long lasting finish
  • Silver plated adjustable thumb rest: adjustable for optimum comfort
  • Undercut tone holes: improves tone and ease of response
  • Caps on tenons: protects tenon from chipping to breakage
  • G.T. and cork pads: long lasting, water proof  
  • Produced with Eb Lever (standard) and Low F correction key
Made by Buffet Crampon
Level: Professional
Type: A

  • Key :Bb
  • Pitch :440/442 Hz
  • Body :Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Natural African blackwood, selected
  • Bore :Poly-cylindrical
  • Tenons :Metal-capped
  • Barrels :2.55 and 2.59
  • Keys :19
  • Rings :6
  • Thumb rest :Adjustable
  • Eb lever :Included
  • Low F correction key :Included
  • Keywork finish :Silver or gold plated
  • Keywork and mechanics :Forged keys, copper and silver
  • Springs :Blue steel
  • Pads :100% waterproof material (GT), leather and natural cork
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