Buffet Crampon Tradition Clarinet A


Create a clear, focused and rich sound with the Buffet Crampon Tradition A Clarinet. The Buffet Crampon A Clarinet is suitable for any acoustic environment with its ability to produce an even scale with consistent intonation through all registers. Whether you're an amateur or professional, the Buffet Tradition A Clarinet will let you focus on playing music rather than adjusting the embouchure and voicing.

The Tradition Clarinet is a product of Buffet Crampon's American and French artists, and is sure to impress.

The Buffet Tradition A Clarinet features includes:

  • 65mm and 66mm barrels
  • Left hand Eb lever
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Silver plated keys
  • Dark naughahyde new generation double Pouchette case
Made by Buffet Crampon
Level: Professional
Type: Bb

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