Cambridge TR620S Advanced Student trumpet - Silver Plated


The Cambridge TR620S silver plated Advanced Student Trumpet represents an extraordinary value for players. This free-blowing horn produces centred intonation and creates a pro-sounding tone. The result is that the Cambridge TR620S challenges instruments that sell for double or triple its price.

This trumpet features a .460" bore, a #14 bell, Monel pistons, a thumb saddle on the first slide, and a fixed finger ring on the third slide. It has a professional mouthpiece receiver, the main tuning-slide tubing is nickel-plated, and a 7C mouthpiece accompanies each trumpet.

This model is silver plated.

This trumpet is especially appropriate as a player's first horn and for students moving to a higher-level instrument. If you already have a good trumpet, the TR620S also makes a great second instrument to have in your arsenal.

Bell size: ML 123mm
Bore size: 11.80mm
Stainless steel pistons
Handmade 2 piece bell 

Complete outfit includes stylish and hard wearing backpack case, valve oil and slide grease.

Made by Cambridge
Level: Student
Type: Bugle

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