Cambridge Classic 4 Valve Euphonium Smart Choice Pack

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Get a Smart Choice Pack with everything you need to start playing!

The Cambridge Classic 4 Valve Euphonium not only offers a quality Euphonium but also comes with a hardshell wheelie case for easy transport. 

It's the perfect upgrade euphonium for advancing players yet lightweight enough for the younger players. Through our design input, the responsiveness encourages the dexterity to which every low brass player aspires. The sturdy Cambridge Classic includes a 4th valve giving access to the lower notes without the extra weight of a fully compensating system. 

The Cambridge Classic 4 Valve Euphonium features include:

  • Silver-plated
  • 4 valves (3 + 1)
  • Stylish hard-shell wheelie case with an external pocket for sheet music and accessories
  • The Smart Choice Pack includes a collapsible music stand with carry bag, a mouthpiece brush, Hetman valve oil and slide lubricant, and a Bach silverplated mouthpiece.

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Made by Cambridge
Level: Student, Intermediate
Type: Euphonium

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