Carol Brass CFL-9990-RSS-BBL Professional Flugelhorn


The Carol Brass CFL-9990 Professional Flugelhorn is made from 90% copper red brass and will help you create an incredibly warm sound.

The Carol Brass CFL-9990-RSS-BBL Professional Flugelhorn features include:

  • Bb
  • 11.00 mm(0.433 in) bore
  • 152 mm(5.984 in) soldered wire rim red brass bell
  • Red brass inside/outside tuning slides
  • Red brass valve knuckles and all U bows
  • Unique design 3rd valve slide trigger
  • Red Brass Tubing
  • Slides & Bell
  • 3rd Slide Trigger
  • Lacquered

Included accessories:

  • Deluxe wood shell similar leather case
  • 3CFL large shank mouthpiece
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning rod
  • Ultra Pure valve oil
  • Tuning slide grease

Added parts:

  • 1 small shank mouthpiece leadpipe

Made by CarolBrass
Level: Intermediate, Professional
Type: Cornet

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