Carol Brass Super Lightweight Pro Trumpet CTR5000LYSTBBL

$1,150.00 $995.00

The Carol Brass CTR-5000L Super Lightweight Pro Trumpet has a fantastic response with extra lightweight finger buttons and valve springs, superb intonation. The Carol Brass Pro Trumpet creates a 'zing' and core to the sound without it being harsh or thin and looks great while doing it with its clear lacquer finish. It comes complete with an extra square tuning slide.

The Carol Brass CTR-5000L-YST-B-L Super Lightweight Pro Trumpet features include:

  • 11.70 mm(0.460 in) bore
  • 127 mm(5.000 in) soldered wire rim yellow brass STANDARD/THIN bell
  • Yellow brass leadpipe
  • Yellow brass reversed light weight main tuning slide
  • Yellow brass inside/outside tuning slides
  • 1st valve slide ring
  • 3rd valve slide fixed finger ring with stop screw

Included accessories:

  • Deluxe multifunctional carrying bag
  • 3C mouthpiece
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning rod
  • Valve oil

Added parts:

  • 1 square main tuning slide
  • 3 super thin finger buttons
  • 3 light weight valve springs

Made by CarolBrass
Level: Intermediate
Type: Bb

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