Carol Brass Bb Intermediate Trumpet with Silver Leadpipe CTR5060HGSSBBL

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Create quality music with the Carol Brass CTR-5060 Trumpet, which has an incredibly responsive and flexible sound. Enjoy a professional quality instrument at an intermediate price with the Carol Brass Trumpet. This trumpet features a gold brass bell and a silver lead pipe, and is available in gold lacquer or silver plate.

The Carol Brass CTR-5060 Trumpet features include:

Model: CTR-5060H-GSS
Key: Bb
Bore: ML (0.460";11.70mm)
Main slide:  H 
Bell material: Gold brass & wire rim soldered
Bell size: Standard #37
Bell thickness: Standard 0.024";0.6mm
Bell diameter: 5.00" (127.00mm)
Leadpipe: Sterling Silver
Black Backpacker bag
CarolBrass® 3C mouthpiece
Cleaning cloth
La Tromba T2 Valve oil
2 Year Warranty
Tuning slide grease
Squared main tuning slide
Super thin finger button set

Made by CarolBrass
Type: Bb

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