Carol Brass 3019 Large Bore Bb/F Trombone


Get an outstanding response from the Carol Brass Large Bore Bb/F Trombone. The Carol Brass Trombone has a traditional closed F-wrap design with nickel-silver outer hand slide.

The Carol Brass Bb/F Trombone features include:

  • Model: CTB-3019-YSS-YYNY-Y1
  • Key: Bb-F
  • Finishing: Lacquer
  • Bore: large 0.547"
  • Bell: Yellow brass & wire rim soldered
  • Bell size: 8.504"
  • Bell thickness: Standard
  • Leadpipe: Yellow brass
  • Close F wrap, with patented rotary system
  • Inner yellow brass/ Outer yellow brass slide
  • Hard chromium plated nickel-silver inner hand slide
  • Yellow brass outer hand slide
  • Yellow brass hand slide U bow, rounded
  • One-pieced rotary level adjustment system

Included accessories:

  • Black ABS case
  • CarolBrass® 6 1/2 AL mouthpiece
  • Cleaning cloth (wipe)
  • Cleaning rod
  • Hand slide oil
Made by CarolBrass
Level: Intermediate
Type: Bb/F

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