Carol Brass Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet CPC7775FYLS-BB/AL

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RRP $2495

The Carol Brass CPC-7775F Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet.  This is an outstanding Piccolo for a very reasonable investment.  It possess all the attributes one would expect and is absolutely ideal for the newcomer or for the budget conscious.  Carol Brass surpasses all expectations whilst fitting the instrument out with an additional set of lightweight finger buttons, valve caps and springs. Once again, Carol Brass will leave you feeling totally satisfied with your purchase.  

The Carol Brass CPC-7775F-YLS-Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet features include:

  • 11.50 mm(0.453 in) bore
  • 103 mm(4.055 in) yellow brass LARGE/STANDARD bell
  • Yellow brass leadpipe Bb & A in both Trumpet and Cornet Shanks Yellow brass inside/outside tuning slides
  • Yellow brass valve knuckles and all U bows
  • 3rd valve slide fixed finger ring

Included accessories:

  • Deluxe wood shell similar leather case
  • 11AX trumpet & Cornet mouthpiece
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning rod
  • Valve oil

Added parts:

  • Extra Finger buttons and bottom caps 3 light weight valve springs
Made by CarolBrass
Level: Intermediate
Type: Bb/A

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