Carol Brass 2207 Student Tenor Trombone

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Students and teachers will be amazed at the response the Carol Brass Student Tenor Trombone provides. It's an outstanding durable student trombone that is easy to learn on, as well as being built with the Carol Brass attention to detail and finish, and coming with a compact ABS case.

The Carol Brass Student Tenor Trombone features include:

  • Single key tenor trombone in Bb
  • Full code CTB-2207-YSS-YNNN
  • 12.70 mm(0.500 in) bore
  • 203 mm(8.000 in) yellow brass bell
  • Yellow brass inside/nickel-silver outside main tuning slide
  • Hard chromium plated nickel-silver inner hand slide, nickel-silver outer hand slide

Included accessories:

  • Deluxe ABS case
  • 12C mouthpiece
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Slide oil
Made by CarolBrass
Level: Intermediate
Type: Bb

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