Hetman® Key Oil #16 Light


Hetman® Synthetic Key Oils are designed for musical instrument keys that have a hinge tube and rod construction. It frees sticking keys by penetrating into hinge tubes and provides for a smooth, quick action.

These high tech lubricants improve key action by adding a synthetic lubricating film between the hinge rods and hinge tubes which reduces friction and wear, prevents corrosion of hinge rods, dampens sympathetic vibrations, and quiets noisy keys.

The choice of three viscosities (Light, Medium, and Heavy) allows the player to maximize the performance of the instrument's action. The use of the proper viscosity key lubricant ensures an action that is quick, crisp, smooth, and quiet. Hetman® Synthetic Key Lubricants are non-toxic, long-lasting, non-gumming, and plastics-safe. Each lubricant is packaged in a precision needle oiler dispenser making application simple, neat, and efficient.

No. 16 is for instruments with close tolerances, for example new instruments that have had very little wear.

Made by Hetman

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