D'Addario Reserve Classic B Flat Clarinet Reeds

$69.99 $51.00

The D'Addario Reserve Classic Bb Clarinet Reed is D'Addario's most revolutionary cut. The Reserve Classic Reed is unfiled and has a narrower blank taper with a more gradual tip shape, meaning you'll get to enjoy the most precise articulation and flexibility. The Reserve Classic Reed is suited for a wide range of symphonic and solo playing styles, with a dark sound and wide colour palette for you to enjoy.

The D'Addario Reed is made from thick blank, lower-internode cane which comes from the first four tubes of the cane stalk, meaning that the reeds are more consistent.

The D'Addario Reserve Classic Bb Clarinet Reed features include:

  • Gradual tip shape, adding more tonal warmth
  • Traditional tip thickness for a quick articulation
  • Special cane treatment process that helps reduce reed warping
  • Like the Reserve line, uses only the densest, lower-internode cane for longer durability and consistency
  • Choose your reed strength below

Made by D'Addario
Type: Bb

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