Armstrong Werth Imperial Professional Oboe


Rediscover tradition with the Imperial Oboe.

The Imperial is designed to satisfy musicians who value clarity of expression. The bore design harks back to the traditional instruments of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Whether your artistic home is Cleveland London or Munich, you will find the Imperial Oboe to be your artistic compass.

The Armstrong Werth Imperial Professional Oboe is a semi-automatic Conservatoire system oboe made with the highest quality materials. The oboe's sturdy nickel silver keys are plated with a thick layer of silver, and its wooden body is made from select seasoned blackwood. The Imperial's tenons and sockets are lined with precision metal linings, and its pads, springs and screws are all made from the highest quality materials.

Supplied with a hard case and nylon case cover with handle.

Made by AW Armstrong Werth
Level: Intermediate, Professional
Type: Oboe

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