Guntram Wolf FG4 Quart Bassoon Smart Choice pack


Get a Smart Choice Pack with everything you need to start playing!

The Guntram Wolf FG4 Quart Bassoon is a mountain maple mini-bassoon ideal for teaching primary school age children, and for normal wind ensembles when played with no transposition from a treble clef Bb part. When played from a bass clef part (transposed) it uses normal bassoon fingerings.

The Guntram Quart Bassoon, also known as the tenoroon, survived in limited numbers into the 19th century. Solo and ensemble repertoire from the 18th century exists for it, and there are also modern compositions written specially for these instruments. It is pitched a fourth higher than the standard bassoon, (length: 92.5cm, weight 1.2 kg) and can be used as a:

  • Alto or tenor instruments in ensembles
  • New timbre in wind music
  • Bass line for recorder ensembles
  • Solo instrument for historical and modern repertoire
  • Musical “special effect” – both optical and acoustic
  • Children’s instrument for primary age teaching
  • The Smart Choice Pack includes a collapsible music stand with carry bag, a La Tromba cork grease, and a double layer silver polishing cloth.
Made by Guntram Wolf
Level: Your first instrument, Student
Type: Bassoon

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