Jupiter JTU1020 Eb Tuba 3 + 1


The Jupiter JTU1020 replaces the 376L Eb Tuba and is ideal for students with its robust and easy to play design, making it perfect for high school band programs.

The Jupiter JTU1020 Eb Tuba features include:

  • Rose brass lead pipe
  • 4 piston valves (3 plus 1)
  • 376L Eb Tuba
  • 0.689" (17.5 mm) bore and 4th valve is with 0.748"(19mm) bore
  • 15" (381 mm) bell
  • Rose brass mouthpipe
  • 3 removable top action and 1 side valve with stainless steel pistons
  • Clear lacquered, nickel or silver plated finish
  • Wood frame case w/wheels
Made by Jupiter
Level: Student, Intermediate
Type: Tuba

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