Jupiter 500 Student Model Trombone


The Jupiter JTB500 replaces the 432L Student Model Trombone and is a great choice for beginners, being the ideal entry-level instrument for aspiring soloists. Jupiter Trombones are manufactured using the finest materials and latest innovations in engineering, so that you'll be able to deliver fantastic performances in various musical settings.

The JTB500 standard trombone features a brass outer slide with chromed inner slides and is the perfect instrument for the beginner. 
The lacquered Brass Body is produced using state of the art technology to ensure an instrument of the most accurate scale and playability 
and a brass outer slide with hand lapped chromed-inner slides offer superior response and a more centered tone. 

  • Key of Bb 
  • Lacquered Brass Body 
  • 8" Bell 
  • Brass Outer Slide 
  • .500" Bore 
  • With ABS Moulded Case 
Made by Jupiter
Level: Your first instrument, Student
Type: Bb

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