Jupiter JTU700 BBb 3/4 Student Tuba


Perfect for little fingers, the Jupiter JTU700 replaces the 378L BBb 3/4 Student Tuba and is the most popular primary school band choice. For those who want to learn the Tuba, the Jupiter 3/4 Student Tuba is the best way to get started.

The Jupiter JTU700 BBb 3/4 Student Tuba features include:

  • 0.661" (16.8 mm) bore
  • 14.4" (366 mm) bell 
  • Rose brass mouthpipe - for greater resistance to corrosion and producing warmer tone color 
  • 3 removable top action valves w/nickel plated pistons 
  • Clear lacquered, lacquer finish
  • Wood frame case
Made by Jupiter
Type: Tuba

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