Jupiter JTU1010S BBb Tuba Silver Plated


The Jupiter JTU1010S replaces the 482S BBb Tuba and is a smaller version of the model 582 Concert Tuba. The Jupiter JTU1010S Tuba features a contoured front action 4 valve cluster with stainless steel valves for comfort and smooth action. Ideal for soloists of any stature, the Jupite JUT1010  BBb Tuba is the perfect choice.

The Jupiter JTU1010 BBb Tuba features include:

  • Contoured Front Action 4 Valve Cluster
  • Stainless Steel Pistons
  • Removable Valve Section
  • .709” Bore
  • 15” Bell
  • Instrument weight: 20.5kg
  • Silver plated
  • ABS Molded Case (KC-80BA)
Made by Jupiter
Level: Student, Intermediate
Type: Tuba

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