Marigaux 701 Semi-Professional Oboe


An exceptional intermediate oboe produced by the Marigaux company. The 701 oboe is a fabulous choice for advancing students and dedicated amateurs. The Marigaux 701 hass a rich full sound and quality Marigaux craftsmanship at a much lower price than professional models.  Made of grenadilla wood, this full conservatory instrument has a 3rd octave key, left hand F key, low B♭, articulated low B-C#, and most trill keys. It is supplied in a lightweight BAM Trekking backpack case. 

The Marigaux 701 Semi-Professional Oboe features include:

  • Wood dried for at least four years
  • Made in France, by the same craftsmen who manufacture our professional models
  • Very easy to play, as the design is based on the 901 professional oboe
  • Silver-plated keys
  • 12 month warranty
  • Supplied with backpack case
Made by Marigaux
Level: Professional
Type: Oboe

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