Marigaux M2 Oboe

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The Marigaux M2 Oboe is a Conservatoire model that incorporates new features designed to enhance intonation, tone and durability. The top and middle joints of the Marigaux Oboe are replaced by a short head-joint and long main joint, allowing the oboe superior intonation whilst reducing the risk of the wood cracking.

The Marigaux M2 Oboe features include:

  • Head-joints can be easily changed to suit individual needs
  • In extreme humidities the resin head-joint can be used to avoid cracks
  • Ergonomically improved Bb, B and Eb keys
  • Improved positioning of G and G# keys for improved intonation
  • Height-adjustable long F key
  • New positioning of the half-hole for better tuning on D's and Db's
  • Improved performance on top octave D's and Eb's
  • Streamlined design
  • 3 head-joint lengths available: please call
  • 12 month warranty

Call for special orders.

Made by Marigaux
Level: Professional
Type: Oboe

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