D'Addario Reserve X Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece


The DiAddario Reserve X Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece has been inspired by the prized, vintage mouthpieces of the 1920s. Using modern technology, the Rico Reserve Mouthpieces are milled from hard rubber for a higher level of consistency to the strictest of tolerances. Not only are they well-constructed, but they make great music as well!

The D'Addario Reserve X Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece features include:

  • Precision milling delivers unparalleled consistency
  • Crafted from a unique proprietary hard rubber for tonal beauty and evenness
  • Designed by a team of top players, craftsmen and engineers for ultimate performance and response
  • Helps foster proper playing habits and technique in students
  • The Rico Reserve X Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece is available in a range of different models, so you can select the tip opening most suitable for you:
    • X10: 1.12mm
    • X10E: 1.11mm
    • X25E: 1.25mm
Made by D'Addario
Type: Bb

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