S.E. Shires Bb/F TBSCA Axial Flow Trombone

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The S.E. Shires Bb/F Axial Flow TBSCA Trombone is a large bore Tenor Trombone was the first line of instruments Shires produced, and it helped establish their reputation as one of the world’s leading brass instrument designers. The S.E. Shires Trombone is the ideal instrument for any orchestral setting, as well as being resonant and responsive enough for solo and chamber music performance.

The S.E. Shires Custom tenor trombone is a versatile instrument with a clear, pure sound and the consistency, playability, and projection that has made S.E. Shires trombones the favorites of professionals the world over. The unique S.E. Shires bell combines the color and expansive tone of a one-piece bell with the response and centered feel of a two-piece bell. The handslide provides a broad sound paired with immediate response. The S.E. Shires Custom tenor makes an ideal instrument for professional musicians or advanced students, well suited to any playing situation.

If you're looking for an incredibly colourful and flexible orchestral trombone, the S.E. Shires Axial Flow Trombone is it. Packed with attitude, it is amazingly consistent and even throughout the range.

The S.E. Shires Bb/F Axial Flow Trombone features include:

  • Axial Flow valve: Very broad and even, especially in the double valve
  • 7YLW Light weight Yellow Brass bell with soldered bead
  • Clear sound with superior response
  • TW47 hand slides: Centred and clear
  • TY Yellow Brass tuning slides: For a balanced response
Made by Shires

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