Selmer C85 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece


The Selmer C85 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece will take your clarinet playing to the next level with its powerful and rounded tone. The Selmer Mouthpiece offers a very precise and easy blowing staccato without the aggressiveness. The Selmer C85 will help you create a sound rich in low overtones, designed with the intent to satisfy the new sound conception in clarinet playing.

The Selmer C85 Clarinet Mouthpiece features include:

  • Tip opening:
    • C85 105: 1.05mm
    • C85 110: 1.10mm
    • C85 115: 1.15mm
    • C85 120: 1.20mm
  • Material: ebonite
  • Ligature: not included 
Made by Selmer Paris
Type: Bb

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