Stomvi Elite Bb/A Medium Bore Piccolo Trumpet

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The Stomvi Elite A/Bb Medium Bore Piccolo Trumpet produces a big, centred piccolo sound, making it ideal for orchestra and solo work. The Stomvi Elite Piccolo Trumpet has an in-tune medium bore that results in great slotting and an easy to play upper register.

Enjoy a rich sound that is easy to play with the Stomvi Elite Piccolo Trumpet.

The Stomvi Elite Bb/A Medium Bore Piccolo Trumpet features include:

  • M Bore .450-inch
  • 3.9-inch #18
  • Leadpipe: #8 Bb and #9(cornet) 21 and21A(trumpet)
  • Receiver: Cornet (standard) or Trumpet (optional)
  • Monel Pistons
  • Extra G slide (model 5710)
  • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed Ring
  • Piston Regulation
Made by Stomvi
Level: Professional
Type: Bb/A

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