Stomvi MaxiClapper


When harmonics are important! This device greatly facilitates the dynamics of the trumpet itself giving a greater volume to the harmonics, from note to note, achieving a sound implosion.

The MaxiClapper bottom caps accomplish something essential for the players: dynamic comfort that widely eases the performance. Thanks to the larger size than normal caps, it improves the sound and functions as an external resonator. The emergence of a 6th harmonic is achieved thanks to the way they are built and tuned.

The set consists of three pieces: clapper, cap and screw, the last two joined by an O-ring. The clapper and the screw are made of brass and the cap of aluminum.

The MaxiClapper tonality must be a 6th up the instrument tonality. Available: C / F / G / A / B.

Stomvi recommended putting 2 MaxiClappers:

  • Bb instrument: MaxiClapper in G (#993134-G)
  • Eb instrument: MaxiClapper in C (#993134-C)

Made by Stomvi

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