Stomvi Titan Brass Band Edition Bb Cornet

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Developed specifically for brass brands, the Stomvi Titan Brass Band Edition Bb Cornet will give you the sound that you're looking for. Impress your band mates and yourself with the Stomvi Titan Cornet.

The Stomvi Titan Brass Band Edition Bb Cornet features include:

  • Bore: L 11.78mm
  • Leadpipe: #3
  • Bell: #27 - Bellflex, Gold Brass or Copper
  • Bell diameter: 126mm
  • Main and 3rd slide trigger system
  • Nickel silver trim kit
  • Onyx inserts finger buttons
  • Original Stomvi mouthpiece and lightweight Protec case included

There are three one piece hand hammered bell options:

  • Bellflex: The brightest sound, most suited to orchestral and wind band use.
  • Goldbrass: More depth and warmth in medium and quiet dynamics. Still achieving a good bright sound at loud dynamics. Well suited to brass band and orchestral. Probably the most versatile option.
  • Solid Copper: Warmest, darkest and most mellow sound. Ideally suited to the brass band and solo work

For more information on the bell options and availability, feel free to come in store or give us a call.

Made by Stomvi
Level: Professional
Type: Cornet

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