Vandoren Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece


Get a mouthpiece that best suits your bass clarinet with the Vandoren Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece. The Vandoren Mouthpiece isn't just well made, it's also got a range of different models so that you can find the one most suitable for your playing styles and needs.

The Vandoren Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece models available are:

  • B44: validated by musicians, indisputably the best
    • Tip opening: 1.84mm
    • Facing: medium
  • B45: the same sound qualities as the B44 with a larger tip opening. Very responsive
    • Tip opening: 1.93mm
    • Facing: medium long
  • B40: with the same technical specifications as the B45, its wider tip rail offers a compact and centred sound 
    • Tip opening: 1.93mm
    • Facing: medium long
  • B46: produces a powerful sound. A favourite of jazz musicians
    • Tip opening: 2.05mm
    • Facing: long
  • B50: produces a rich and velvety sound, even in the upper register
    • Tip opening: 2.15mm
    • Facing: long

All are made from ebonite and do not include a ligature. Choose your Vandoren Mouthpiece model below.

Made by Vandoren
Type: Bass

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