Vandoren Black Diamond Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece


Black Diamond Ebonite mouthpieces: a complete range for clarinets.

The Black Diamond Ebonite mouthpiece features a new internal and external design. These developments offer the musician a full sound, rich in depth and color, especially in the upper register of the clarinet.

BD4   115.5 opening, medium long facing- this mouthpiece shares the same sound qualities as the BD5 and has a remarkable ease of emission and articulation.

BD5   113 opening, medium facing - the perfect balance between a dark, rich, yet compact sound.

BD5 Series 13 - for players using A440

BD7   133 opening, long facing - characterized by a larger tip opening and volume of sound, while keeping the round and compact sound of the BD5.

The Vandoren Black Diamond Mouthpieces will let you enjoy flawless intonation, sound and performance, delivering a unique sound with amazing clarity, depth and presence.

Made by Vandoren
Type: Bb

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