Vandoren Optimum Bb Clarinet Ligature Pink Gold Plate


The Vandoren Optimum Bb Clarinet Ligature offers superb performance and reliability. The clarinet ligature's unique double-track screw mechanism tightens both sides of the ligature equally, and allows you to precisely and rapidly tighten it. With the Vandoren Ligature, neither the reed or ligature are compressed at the sides. This ensures freer vibration of the reed and simultaneously provides a more bright and direct sound, in comparison to a soft ligature.

The Vandoren Optimum Ligature has 3 interchangeable pressure plates; these help adapt your colour and style of sound to the music you're performing. The collar around the mouthpiece remains independent of the area in contact with the reed, allowing the vibrations of the reed to develop without interference. With Vandoren's Optimum Ligature, you'll find that your reeds will perform more to your expectations.

Comes complete with a black plastic cap.

Made by Vandoren
Type: Bb

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