Vandoren V12 B Flat Clarinet Reeds SILVER BOX

$85.95 $59.00

Box of 10 reeds.

Enjoy a reed that has had great success with the Vandoren V12 Bb Clarinet Reed. The Vandoren V12 Reed offers a precise attack, homogenous timbre in every register, controlled high notes, and a warm and velvety sound that you'll love. Produced from cane specially selected, the V12 Reed has a thicker heel and is cut on a longer pallet with a slightly thicker tip than the Traditional Reed. This longer pallet means that the more the reed vibrates, the deeper and richer the sound it creates. You'll get more body to the attack of your Bb Clarinet's sound thanks to the thicker tip, as well as an increased longevity.

Choose your strength of the Vandoren V12 Reed for your Bb Clarinet below.

Made by Vandoren
Type: Bb

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