Wiseman Cases Wooden French Horn Case

$1,395.00 $1,095.00

Special introductory offer

A new lightweight extra small “naked” wooden French horn case. Check out the video - you'll be impressed!

Can be adjusted to fit most makes and models.

Please ask about our colour range! Not every colour in stock at all times.

This very small case will hold the horn, safely suspended on shock absorbing blocking, three mutes and storage.... music too! This is half cost of the Wiseman carbon fibre cases, to suit those with a lower budget in mind, but does not compromise on the protection, strength or design in any way.

The ultra-compact, lightweight, hard, oval-shaped screw-bell French horn case is hinged along its length, securely suspending both the horn and the bell along with up to three mutes, accessories and music. It is unbelievably small and is designed to fit under pretty much all aeroplane seats and overhead bins.

These cases come in a stunning range of exterior colours which highlight the beautiful grain of the wood. We use the highest grade of birch ply and most durable varnish to protect it. This style of case allows for ease of maintenance and fantastic longevity. It's secured with a pair of steel hinges and catches at both ends. The neoprene seal ensures perfect protection from heavy rain. It features two replaceable padded leather handles and replaceable protective leather edging.

This case opens as two perfectly even halves and can be used on your lap in confined spaces. This case also makes a fantastic seat!

Available in different shades of wooden finish. Horn and accessories not included.

Made by Wiseman Cases

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