Yamaha YRA-302 BIII Treble Recorder


Play a Recorder with a little bit more to give with the Yamaha YRA302 BIII Treble Recorder. The Yamaha Treble Recorder delivers a rich body of sound, while also being made from a durable ABS resin that you won't have to work hard to maintain. Playing the Yamaha YRA-302 Recorder will be a joy, with its range of tonal expression and superb playability, making it comparative to more expensive wooden models.

The Yamaha YRA-302 BIII Treble Recorder features include:

  • In F
  • Simulated ebony finish
  • Baroque system 
  • ABS resin material 
  • 3 piece construction 
  • Comes with cotton case, fingering chart, recorder cream, cleaning rod
Made by Yamaha

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