Yamaha 881 Professional Eb Clarinet


Special order.

The Yamaha 881 Professional Eb Clarinet is hand-crafted from specially-selected grenadilla wood, with beautifully sculpted keys that are balanced for a light, even touch and superb playability. With the Yamaha Clarinet, you'll be able to enjoy highly accurate intonation and a consistent performance across the entire range at any dynamic.

The Yamaha 881 Clarinet was designed in close cooperation with some of the world's greatest clarinetists, and can be found in many top orchestras. Take full advantage of the rich, round sound and deep resonance of the Yamaha Clarinet, allowing you to create a sound full of colour and warmth.

The Yamaha 881 Professional Eb Clarinet features include:

  • One-piece grenadilla wood body
  • Resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations
  • Tapered tone holes with hand-tapered undercut
  • Each tone hole is individually hand-tapered and undercut for optimum tone quality, intonation, and uniform response throughout the instrument's range
  • Pressure fitted nickel-silver bell ring
  • Increases density of the bell and creates a smoother, warmer tone quality
  • Integral tone holes
  • Integral tone holes are carved directly into the body of the instrument, achieving uniform resonance and response as well as rich tone color.
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Silver-plated ligature and mouthpiece cap
  • Yamaha 4C Eb mouthpiece
Made by Yamaha
Level: Professional
Type: Eb

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