Yamaha Bb/F/D/G YBL830 Xeno Bass Trombone

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Yamaha combined the knowledge they learned in creating the Xeno tenor trombones with feedback from some of the world's great bass trombonists. The results speak for themselves; a state-of-the-art bass trombone with all specifications redesigned by the team of Yamaha designers and R&D experts. The 830 model includes features such as the newly designed yellow brass bell with a thinner wall for enhanced response, nickel silver slide crook for more substance to the sound, and a new rotor design which improves playability.

The Yamaha YBL830 Xeno Bass Trombone features include:

  • Key: Bb/F/Gb/D
  • Bell Material: Yellow brass
  • Bell Diameter: 241mm (9 1/2")
  • Bore Size: LL: 14.3mm (0.563")
  • Outer Slide Material: Yellow brass
  •  Inner Slide Material: Nickel silver
  • Finish: Clear lacquer
  • Mouthpiece: BL-59L
  • Case included
Made by Yamaha
Level: Professional
Type: Bass

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