Yamaha Signature Bobby Shew Trumpet Mouthpiece


Get the right tone from your Trumpet with the Yamaha Signature Bobby Shew Trumpet Mouthpiece. The Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpieces are made with precision computer-controlled lathes, ensuring consistent quality across all their mouthpieces. Made using the experience of Bobby Shaw, you can rely on the Yamaha Mouthpiece to match your Trumpet playing needs.

The Yamaha Signature Trumpet mouthpiece comes in two models:

  • Jazz: An all-round mouthpiece with a deep, roomy cup that creates a warm, big sound while the throat and backbore allow easy manoeuvring through quick jazz passages without sacrificing its rich full sound.
  • Lead: Gives an extra sizzle and high note clarity, perfect for playing lead parts. It has enough air compression for high range playing, while still allowing a big, open sound.
Made by Yamaha

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