Yamaha Standard Trumpet Mouthpieces


The Yamaha Standard Trumpet Mouthpiece is for the discerning Trumpet player who wants to get more out of their instrument. The Yamaha Standard Mouthpiece has been constructed using advanced design and manufacturing technology, ensuring that they are consistent in their quality performance. With the Yamaha Mouthpiece, you'll be able to deliver an unmatched precision, smooth attack and secure control with its easy playability.

11B4 - standard student mouthpiece - A somewhat shallow cup and medium rim for extra endurance. Brilliant tone. Also suitable for D, Eb, and piccolo trumpets. Comes with the Yamaha student trumpet range.

14A4 - Fast-response high range and powerful sound. Ideal for piccolo or lead trumpet.

The Yamaha Standard Trumpet Mouthpiece has an ideal weight for all-around use. Get a mouthpiece you can rely on with Yamaha.

Made by Yamaha

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