Yamaha YBB105S BBb 3/4 Student Tuba

$4,995.00 $4,795.00

The Yamaha YBB-105-S BBb 3/4 Student Tuba is a great choice for young players as it is lighter weight than other Tuba models, making it easier to hold and play, while still featuring a big full sound and easy response.

The Yamaha YBB-105-S BBb 3/4 Student Tuba features include:

  • Key: BBb
  • Valves: Top 3 pistons 
  • Bell: Yellow brass 366mm (14-3/8")
  • Bore: 16.8 (0.661")
  • Mouthpiece: 67
  • Silver plated finish
  • With convertible leadpipe for marching (YBB-105M/YBB-105MS)
Made by Yamaha
Type: Tuba

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